Sneyd Ceramic Glazes Sneyd Ceramics Limited,
Sneyd Mills,
Leonora Street,
Stoke on Trent,

Tel: 01782 814 167

...Supplying Colours & Glazes for Modern Day Ceramics
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About Us

Sneyd Ceramics is a family owned, independent company located in the heart of the Potteries supplying high quality and innovative products and services to all sectors of the ceramic industry. We offer a product and colour matching service for all types of ceramic glazes, stains and printing inks.

Sneyd Ceramics' staff have collectively acquired over one hundred years of experience and specialist expertise in pigment and glaze formulation, development and manufacturing methods and offer a high level of customer commitment to supply technically consistent goods which reflect value for money.

Sneyd Ceramic Glazes CERAMIC GLAZES

Sneyd Ceramics has formulated a wide range of ceramic glazes to meet modern manufacturing processes. These glazes are manufactured to the highest standards and so produce a consistently high quality finish every time.

Glazes can be custom made to suit individual customers' requirements and finishes.

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Sneyd Ceramic Glazes CERAMIC COLOURS

Sneyd Ceramics has a comprehensive range of ceramic stains available that are recommended for all types of ceramic glaze. These can be supplied as glaze stains or underglaze colours.

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Sneyd Ceramic Glazes PRINTING INKS

Inks are available in both oil and waterbased systems for manual or mechanical application. A colour matching service is offered alongside a comprehensive standard pallet to give an easy-to-use product and freedom of design to the customer.

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